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Top 5 April fool Pranks app for Android to Enjoy this Fool’s Day

If you have remembered this day April 1, then you may feel safer to not believe anything you hear or read. And Google has released a big April fool on YouTube , have you believed in it? In this special funny day, do you just want to fool others with the funny April fool pranks or good jokes? Aha, here are some best Android apps to help you experience a very great April Fool’s Day.

1.April Fools Pranks

April Fools Pranks
To get some great April fool ideas,get the app April Fools Pranks by DaleAppStudios.Nearly 70 ideas for practical jokes are offered to prank your friends from from cute and innocent to stuff that might get you in serious trouble.If you have any creative ideas, you can also send the ideas to to have the chance to included in the list.That's it.

2.Crack Your Screen
Crack your screen
Want to find the best way to fool your friend, just crack his screen.Just use your finger to shake screen and crack it,Better Crack, better prank, better fun.Then you may see the surprised look in your friends or family eyes when they crack" your screen or Broke your screen.It is just a very great way to prank people and get the funny.

3.Broken Screen
Broken Screen
If you feel the above crack your screen is not that astonshing, then just try this Broken Screen.It offers the better crack screen effect for your phone by displaying glass or lcd with a transparent broken crack on top of a game, a wallpaper or your lock screen.With this one, you can easily pull a joke or fool your friends while keeping the device in a fully usable state with a damaged screen.

4.Fake iPhone 5
Fake iPhone 5
Trick your friends into thinking you have the iPhone 5 with the app Fake 5 iPhone 5 .This app is a full-screen working replice of the iPhone home screen, and it even replaces your phone's status bar so that your friends cannot recongnised android underneath.Cool one,is it?

5.Burning Screen
Burning Screen
Burnning screen?With this app, it can be true.Just use your fingers to fake the LCD screen burning away, letting the circuit board shine through to surprise your friends.This is really a amazing idea, if you want to try the special one, don't foget this one.

Have you ever succeed in fooling someone? If you don't, just check out the above fool practical pranks.Just enjoy!

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