Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Enjoy YouTube on TV with the feature “Send to TV”of YouTube app

Do you want to view YouTube videos or YouTube music videos on your TV? Maybe you have tried YouTube XL through the Internet, which is another interface for accessing YouTube, except everything is huge. But there is another easy solution to watch YouTube on TV from your phone or tablet via Xbox 360 or PS3 or Wii. That is the "send to TV" feature of the YouTube app. The feature supports Android and iOS, even Windows Phone 8 smartphones. Following is the simple guide of how to watch YouTube on TV with the YouTube app.

Watch YouTube on TV from phone

Step 1: Get the YouTube app coming with whatever device you will connected to your TV. Here we take the Xbox 360 as an example.

Tip: Except for Xbox 360, you can choose other devices including an Android phone or tablet, and a PS3, or a Wii, or even an Internet-connected smart TV that includes an up-to-date YouTube app. You can check the devices on Google’s compatible devices list.

Step 2: Go to the app’s YouTube settings on Xbox 360. Click the option for pairing devices to generate a nine-digit number.

Step 3: Open up the YouTube app on your phone or tablet(paring device), go to setting, and select “Pair YouTube TV”. Enter the nine-digit number generated by the Xbox 360, add Your TV name.
Note: Windows Phone 7 based devices and Windows Tablets are not the compatible devices of the "send to TV" feature.

Step 4: If the phone is paired with Xbox 360, a little TV button will pop up at the top of any video you watch on the mobile app. Tap it and select your TV from the list and then the video will start right up on the big screen.

If you want to pause or adjust playback or even jump the video back to your phone, you can tap the TV button again on your mobile app and select the phone from the list.

This method is very helpful for people and it is easy to do it.It is something like Apple's AirPlay video streaming,but it is more convenient.Whether you use Android or iOS, you can enjoy the YouTube videos on your TV.Just enjoy the fun.

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