Sunday, March 3, 2013

How to Turn off in-app Purchases on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to Keep Your Money?

Many iOS apps including the free apps allow you to buy additional features. And I bet many parents or other gaming people have received unexpected charges from the iTunes store because of accidental in-app purchases. And I have noticed many stories about the issues. So, what can we do to disable in-app purchase? Is there an effective way to turn off in-app purchases on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch? Of course, Apple doesn't leave you in the lurch, and do some setting to avoid the bills. Let’s go to the setting.

1. From your home screen, find and tap on the “Settings” app


2. Tap on “General”,scroll down the page and tap on “Restrictions
General> Restrictions

3. Tap the “Enable Restrictions” button,you'll be asked to set a Passcode, which is a password that locks certain functions of the iOS device. Enter the passcode twice to set it.
Set Passcode

4. Once the passcode is set, scroll down to the Allowed Content section. Then you can directly set the "In-App Purchases" to ‘OFF', or just choose 'Require Password' and then set it to 'Immediately' so that you'll need your Apple ID password for every single purchase, either on the store or inside an app.
Turn off  In-app purchases on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Now you won't be able to download the paid features with this restriction unless you turn in-app purchases back on again.

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