Sunday, March 24, 2013

Best Free Android Apps for Getting Ready for 2013 Easter Day

2013 Easter Day
2013 Easter Day is just around the corner, so have you got ready for it? Easter Greeting cards, great Easter egg ideas, Easter games for kids, ideas for Easter baskets, and such the things, have no ideas? Don’t worry, we can use a handful of Android apps to make creative ideas for this holiday. Check out the following apps.

Easter Themes
Want to use a beautiful template to send greeting cards to your loved ones? The free app Easter Themes offers you a quick way to directly select and send wonderful Easter greeting cards to your family or your friends with Email. If you just want the simple greeting, this app is really great.

Paint your Easter Egg
Of course, Easter Egg is the important thing on Easter Day. So have you thought of painting your own Easter Egg to send someone to impress your wishes to others? Paint your Easter Egg makes it easy to paint your own Easter egg and send it directly from the Android device to friends and family. Also, you can share it on Facebook or just set it as your Android wallpaper.

Hidden Egg Hunt
Speaking of the games, the classic one is hunting for the Easter egg. And the game Hidden Egg Hunt requires you to find hidden Easter Eggs and drag them into your Easter Basket to earn points.It is a very funny game and suitable for all ages.In addition, the game includes 5 colorful scenes filled with fun Holiday imagery music .

Easter Basket Dressup
Where does the Easter egg put? Certainly the Easter Basket. So, do you want to dress up it? Try the game Easter Basket Dressup.It offers may baby chicks and peepz, painted and dyed eggs,Chocolate rabbits, jellybeans, flowers and more. All you should do is to drag and drop cute chocolate bunnies or yummy jelly beans into the basket, then adding different color basket fillings to make it cute.

Easter Day wallpapers
If you just look for some Easter wallpapers, you can just download the app Easter Day wallpapers which offers you tons of beautiful Easter photos.

By the way, if you just want to watch some Blu-ray or DVD movies with family on Easter Day, you may need some useful software and you may be interested in this Easter Discount Party of multimedia software.

Wish you a Happy Easter Day!

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