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How to Switch From iPhone to Android?

iPhone to Android
Nowadays, many best Android phones like Galaxy S3 and the special sharp features of Android system may attract you very much, but you are just an iPhone guy. The iPhone or Android? It is a question for you. You may have ever thought of the switching from iPhone to Android, but whatever, when you have decide to move to Android, you need to do something to sync data to your Android. Here are some tips.

Warning: Since Android apps and iPhone apps are not compatible, so you cannot get any iPhone apps when you move to Android.

1.Set Google account

Use Gmail as your default email client on your Android device .Go to Menu> Settings> Accounts> Sync > Add Account> Google. Create a new Google account or just finish the existing information to associate your Gmail account with your new phone.

2.Sync Contacts and Calendar
  • On your iPhone go to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Set up a new "Microsoft Exchange" account or add Gmail account by going to Add account > Gmail.
  • Input your email address and login info.
  • Select "Server" then either input the ME server address or "" for Gmail.
  • On the final screen, select what you want to import—Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and/or Reminders—then hit Accept.
If you prefer to use the iTunes to sync the contacts, then you can following the next steps.
  • Connect iPhone to your computer and open iTunes.
  • Select your iPhone from the list on the left pane and select the "Info" tab
  • Check "Sync Contacts With" and then choose "Google Contacts" from the drop-down
  • Enter your Google log-in info when prompted then hit Apply to sync.
  • After that, double check your contacts at to make sure they're showing up in Google.
Make sure you disable the Sync With Google option when you've finished otherwise the system will dump redundant entries into your contacts list.

3.Sync Photos, Music and Videos

For syncing photos and videos, you need to sync them to the computer at first and then sync them from computer to Android phone.

  • Connect the iPhone with the PC.
  • Right-click your iPhone, select Explore and copy the media files to your desktop.
  • Connect the Android phone with PC, and drag and drop the iPhone photos and videos to your Android pictures folder DCIM, music goes to Music
  • Connect the iPhone with the Mac.
  • Open the Image Capture and download these files to the desktop.
  • If you are using new Android runs ICS or above, download Android File Transfer Utility to your Mac, and then drag-and-drop.
Android can't sync with iTunes, so after the syncing of media,you'll need an alternative service to load new media onto the device. You can use Google Play  to help you load your collection directly from iTunes.

Alternative way

Or you can use the DoubleTwist or other third party app to sycn music to Android, and you can syncyour photos with Picasa or Flickr, because you'll still be able to see them from your phone.

4.Sycn SMS and voice mail

You need a app to help you sync SMS messages. The free app My SMS is the good option which syncs text messages among your various devices—phones, tablets, laptops, and whathaveyou—and is compatible with both Mac and Windows. Download the app on both phones and follow the setup instructions and the app will easily help you do that.

For the voice mail messages, you just need to pay some money. Programs like PhoneView (Mac - $30) and iExplorer (Mac and PC - $35) can be quite helpful. You'll be able to copy not just voicemail to the desktop, but also your call history, contacts, bookmarks, notes, and media files as well with them.

5.Enjoying Android Apps

When you have done all above, just experience the Android apps.You can go to the free Google Maps GPS Navigation to feel step-by-step driving directions or voice-enabled, turn-by-turn navigation;you can talking to your Android phone by running voice searches;you can use the Google Voice app to make and receive calls from within Gmail, manage your text messages and voice mail on your PC, and block individual numbers from calling you;you can go to the Google Play store to choose the apps and game...Try to get the best Android experience.

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