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Best 5 Free Browsers for Android in 2013

best browser for android
Browser is inevitably becoming an important web tool to get great web experience on smartphone and tablets. Certainly there are many choices of android web browser, but what is the best web browser for android is really a confusing thing. Here I would like to suggest the best 5 free browsers for Android from my point of view.

1.Dolphin Browser/Mini
Dophin can be one of the top rated and fastest android web browsers. Featured tabbed browsing along with Dolphin Connect, you can easily sync and send contents (links, phone numbers, maps and more) between your mobile and desktop browsers. Besides, you can sync history, passwords, and bookmarks and open all the tabs that are currently running on all the other synced devices. Also, the ‘voice search’function Sonar supports speech-to-text. What’s more, you can use gestures and third-party plug-ins and tools to extend its features. It includes HD version which gets all of its features and Mini version for device to get speed.

Bad things: No Adobe Flash support and bad HTML 5 support

2.Chrome for Android
Google Chrome is one of the best and most reliable web browsers for desktop, so is it for both smartphones and tablets. The thing will be automatically synced between the pc and mobile devices simply by sign in with your Google account. It still remains the ‘incognito mode’ of desktop version. The speed and the compatibility with most web sites are very good. Also, you can easily add your favorite bookmarks with it.

Bad things: Requires Android 4.0+, no native support of Adobe Flash and takes up a lot of memory.

3.Opera Mobile/Mini
As one of the oldest web browsers, Opera is fast, smooth and easy to use. It can be easily adapted from Desktop version to mobile UI. The Opera Link can also sync the contents (Speed Dial screens, bookmarks, tabs and others) between desktop browser and the mobile one. In addition, it has built-in support for Twitter and Facebook sharing. The text wrapping makes it convenient to read news. Best, the Opera Turbo can help you save data by detecting slow connection and compressing websites with Opera Software Turbo servers. Also, it includes two versions. Apart from those, Opera can be the flash player for android device.

4.Firefox Browser for Android
If you just want to find a smoother alternative to Dolphin Browser, Firefox is without doubt a great option. Packed all the features from the desktop variant, Firefox Browser for Android is fast and smart. Firefox Sync will bring you your favorite sites, bookmarks, passwords and history on your phone/tablet if you use Firefox on the desktop. Also, you can customize it with add Add-ons/ extensions to block ads, download YouTube videos and more. It's the first mobile browser to truly support Do Not Track, and the "Awesome Page" start screen that shows you all of your recently visited tab. Also, it has Adobe Flash support and best HTML5 support.

5.Boat Browser/Mini
Boat Browser is a fully customizable Android web browser. You can easily change the buttons locations, install add-ons and set Volume Buttons and more. Besides, you can use the Bookmarks Manager tool to create new folders, drag /drop contents, delete / import / export and sync multiple files at the same time. The powerful voice control engine is very helpful and if you say “Twitter” and the browser will bring up Twitter for you. If you like the customizing browser, Boat is definitely your taste.

So which one do you want to use?

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