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5 Best Free Travel Apps for Android and iOS for Holiday

Best travel apps for android and ios
In the daily life, sometimes we feel so tired and just want to get relaxed on our holiday such as the upcoming Easter, and go for a travel is undoubtedly the best way. Whether it is a short road trip or just faraway experience, some problems may happen like wrong directions, language barrier or others. Luckily, we can just rely on our smartphones or tablets to eliminate such things with the best free travel apps for both Android and iOS. Next, just go and check out the best travel apps.

1.TripIt (Android/iOS)

Ideal for: bad at organizing or those traveling with a lot of documents

Just like one of those old-fashioned travel agents, TripIt takes all of your travel plans and organizes them into one convenient itinerary by signing up for a TripIt account and forwarding your flight, hotel, and rental car confirmations to, or just letting TripIt automatically scrape your Gmail. With the app, you can check in to your flights, check your flight status, map out travel distance from your hotel, and so much more. You can even sync it to your phone’s calendar which will notify you for any missed appointments. Also, there is a paid version of TripIt app which adds more features.

2.Google Translate(Android/iOS)

Ideal for: Travelling to a foreign country but don’t know the language

Google Translate helps you make sense of over 60 different languages. You can even speak your phrases with 17 languages and hear the translations with 24 languages. With the app, you won’t have to guess what you’re ordering off an Indonesian menu or ask for someone local if you travel overseas.


Ideal for: One-stop for booking flights, hotels and rental cars and find the cheapest fight

Kayak just offers you almost all your major travel planning, covering flight and car search, hotel search and booking, Flight tracker and My Trips. Besides, you can find the cheapest deal with the app by comparing pare flight, hotel and car rental deals

4.Google Maps(Android/iOS)

Ideal for: No Sense of directions and want to find the nearest shop, places to eat and such stores.

Google Maps is absolutely the most widely used map app by Android devices and iOS devices. For travelling abroad, it can be said as must have App. You can navigate your world with the easy-to-use maps with the feature of built-in Google local search, voice guided turn-by-turn navigation, public transit directions, Street View and more.With Google Maps, you can catch your way in your travel.

5.Oanda Currency Converter(Android/iOS)

Ideal for: travelling abroad or outside of an economic union

Sometimes we may would ask what about money when go abroad, it is difficult to answer unless you’re into exchange rates and keep up with them on a daily basis. So the Oanda Currency Converter app is here for the question. It supports exchange rate changes for over 190 countries every day. And you can easily figure out how much a meal will cost in both local and foreign currencies with the app.

These are the best ones that I have collected, so before you go for a travel, just check out them and be an idle person with them.

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