Monday, January 7, 2013

Get 3D movies to Enjoy on Samsung/LG/Other Smart TVs

Smart TV
Certainly, Smart TV is not strange to you any more with its increased popularity. With a Smart TV, you can search and view shared pictures and videos and listen to music stored on other network devices, even you can view 3D movies since that a Smart TV is always a 3D television. At present, the most notable Smart TVs are undoubtedly Samsung and LG TV, and these two producers will launch some new Smart TV sets in CES 2013.

For the majority, the most important point of the Smart TV is to watch movies especially the popular 3D movies benefiting from its HD support. Of course, you can find many great 3D movies such as “Life of Pi” and “Titanic”. But what if you make 3d movies with the 2d movies in person? Can it be amazing?

Of course, you can just use the Smart TV which has enabled the function of 2D to 3D conversion to get the excited 3D movie such as the Samsung UN55ES8000F 55" Smart TV and LG Cinema TVs. But for many smart Samsung televisions and LG televisions, you cannot convert 2D to 3D. Fortunately, we can use a media converter to easily get 3D files from our favorite movies or downloaded YouTube videos. You just need to follow the simple steps below.
  • Download and install the media converter, then open it.
  • Add the movies you want to convert by clicking the “Add video” button, if you like to make some effects, you can also edit the video.
  • Choose the output file as “HD Video->HD H.264 MPEG 4 Video”.
  • Click the 3D button to turn on the 3D effects, set the effects as you like, click OK. Click “Convert” button to convert the video to the USB device or flash drive.
When finished, just plug your USB device directly into your Smart TV’s USB port and watch the 3D version on the big screen with friends and family. It is really awesome to do the version, and better if you want to make family holiday 3D videos.

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