Monday, April 22, 2013

Get Free Music from YouTube, Spotify and other Online Streaming Service on Mac

Condition is that, you want to get free music from the streaming music service website like YouTube,Spotify and listen to it in your music player or your smartphone or other digital devices offline, but you don’t know how to get online music freely. Here I would like suggest your two ways to get free online music on Mac.

Get free music on Mac
1.Install the music recording software on Mac (Mountain Lion Included)
Instead of downloading the music, the Mac Music Recording software lets you record the online streaming music to get free music. Fresh, isn’t it?With this method, you can get the latest and hottest music if you can access to the hottest online music streaming. Let’s see how to do it.
  • Download and install the music recorder to your Mac. Then open the software.
  • Choose the audio resource from Built-in Audio (Built-in Microphone, Built-in Input, Greatly System Audio) and Computer Audio (Computer audio stream and online music).Here we of course choose the Computer Audio.
  • When we listen to the online streaming music,click the red Start button on the program to begin the recording, the program will automatically complete cover, title, artist, and album of recorded music files.
  • Tips: You can set recording start time, recording duration and after-recording by clicking the “Recording task scheduler” button on the bottom-left.
  • When the recording finished, just find it under the Manage Library. Play it with the program to listen the recording music and click Add to iTunes button on the bottom-left to add recorded music files to iTunes.then you have gotten the free music.
Using the software, of course, you can get the latest music through the music streaming service website, the important point is you can get the music without quality loss.

2.Download Free Music directly from website
There are some websites which really offers the free music downloading but note that the free music will not include what’s on the radio and top 40 (for the most part).Following is some places to downloading free music.

iTunes Music:iTunes will offer free music every week and just log on and find the free music to download.
Amazon Free Music : Amazon free music covers all sorts of eclectic music on here, not only from independents but mainstream artists as well. is a web site operated by CNET Networks providing information about digital music and artists, songs, services, community, and technologies.Their collection include thousands of free tracks from small and large artists. is a popular Internet radio site for music, you can find some of the rare old songs from 60’s and 70’s on it.
MTV: MTV is also a free music download website and includes the music videos as well.

Of course, you can find some of your favorite songs, but for the hottest ones, maybe you need to use the second method to get the free music.

So, just enjoy the free music on your Mac!

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