Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Feel the BlackBerry 10 on Your Android Phone or iPhone

Blackberrry Z10
Are you curious about the new Blackberry 10 run by Blackberry Z10, but meanwhile you are not deciding to change from your iPhone or Android phone? Or you just want to try out the new blackberry OS before buying one? Good news for those of you, you can preview the Blackberry 10 just on your own smartphone including both iPhone and Android smartphones.

To feel the main features of Blackberry 10, just open any browser on your smartphone, and go to to catch a glimpse of BlackBerry 10.But note that, instead of freely previewing the OS actually, this is more a premeditated walkthrough which require you to follow a set of pre-determined actions.

From the glimpse, however, you can still get the firsthand insight into what great features can be brought by the BlackBerry 10, and virtually experience some of the software’s cool functions, such as predictive virtual keyboard, the Hub, BBM Video and Screen Share and the Time Shift camera.

It seems the predictive virtual keyboard is an attracting point, that means, you may don’t need to install the third keyboard apps. In the other hand, people who are used to using the SwiftKey or others may not pay attention on it.
Blackberry keyboard and Blackberry Hub
The Time Shifting camera means when you’re snapping up an image, the camera actually takes a bunch of images in a rapid succession. This feature is really useful.

In addition, there may be some other amazing features for you. Actually, BlackBerry 10 offers us a new way of thinking with the different features, and this preview service also gives us the chance to test out the new OS, to know the difference of it.

The experience may not be particularly fluid, but if you really have interest in Blackberry 10, just test out and feel the good of the new OS.

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