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How to Change Font on Android Phones or Tablets?

Change android font
Customizations are always the great way to get our personal style on our Android phones and tablets, covering widgets, wallpapers, Lockscreen, and others. Apart from those above, have you just want to change the font on your Android device when tired of the same old-looking font? If you just want some different fonts on the device, following will introduce the ways to do the job.

Method 1:Custom OEM skins

When you use the Nexus devices, you cannot easily change the fonts since the pure Google Android doesn’t have native functionality for changing system fonts. But for other Android devices, you can just change the system fonts on setting. But for Samsung or LG devices, they just add the extra features in their custom skins for you to change the font style.

Changing to a new font, just go to Settings >Display >Font Style,tap the font you want and confirm it. Then the selected font will be displayed throughout your device’s interface like the time on the status bar, system menus, and even on your text messages.

Method 2:Custom launcher apps

Although most of the custom launchers will need to install themes to change the font style, there are some which integrate the font-changing function such as the popular GO Launcher EX, which will change the fonts of the selected parts of the custom launcher UI.

Tips:How to use GO Launcher EX to change the fonts?
  • Copy your TTF font files to the /sdcard/GOLauncherEX/fonts directory and open GO Launcher EX.
  • Tap the Menu button on main home screen or swipe the screen upwards to find and the Preferences button.
  • Tap on Visual Settings>Font> Scan Font, find the fonts that you copied to the /sdcard/GOLauncherEX/fontsdirectory.
  • Tap Select Font and tap on the font that you want to use.Then you are done.
Method 3:Font changeing apps

iFont(Samsung Devices and other Rooted devices)
You may have also heard of the iFont app which can also be used for changing fonts. The app can be only used for Samsung Devices and other rooted devices.

For non-rooted Samsung devices, you can see the following guide to know how to use the font on the list.
  • Go to Settings>Security, enable installation of apps from “Unknown Sources.”
  • Launch iFont. Go to the Online tab to browser the available fonts.
  • Tap on a font name that you want to install and then tap the Download button.
  • Go to Settings> Display>Font Style. Find the newly install fonts on the list, tap on it as system font. And you needn’t reboot, then new font will be applied.
For rooted device, do the same operations as what the first three steps above said.If you get a prompt about setting the mode to System Mode, just tap the OK button and then the device will reboot to apply the new font.

Font Installer(Rooted only)
Font Installer is a very great free app for rooted device to change system fonts.You can preview the font activated on the device with the app.

Changing fonts modifies your system files. You should always have a current backup in recovery and know how to restore your device back to stock.

Tips: How to install a new font from Font Installer’s online font collection?
  • Open the Server tab in the Font Installer app, and tap on the name of a font that you want.
  • You can preview the sample text with the chosen font or download it and set it as the system font, from the popup dialog.
  • You may come across the backup warning/notice, just ensure you have back up your font files. Then the app will reboot the device to apply the font replacement.
Also, there are some other technical ways to customize your font on Android device like using ADB, but the ways are kind of difficult, for many of us, I think, we can get our favorite font with the above method. If you have the different one, I am glad you can share it on the comment.

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