Monday, June 27, 2011

Aussie Girl Madelaine Zammit's Facebook Song Goes Viral - Download

Recently, a video dubbed "facebook song.wmv" has gone viral on YouTube. The video is created by a 16-year-old girl from Australia whose name is Madelaine Zammit. In the video, Madelaine performs guitar solo for her song "Facebook Song" which was written totally by herself. Previously, We've heard several 'Facebook song'. However, this one is one of the best, or ever the best one. You can download Madelaine Zammit's Facebook Song from YouTube with Leawo YouTube Downloader (Free). This is the tutorial about how to get the song from the video. This is the video. If you are a Mac user, get this YouTube Downloader for Mac.

The lyrics of the song describes the things that most people do on Facebook. Besides that, Madelaine adds her own feeling about her experience on Facebook into the song.

The video was uploaded onto YouTube on June 1, 2011. After famous blogs such as Mashable, The Daily What, made a cover of the it last weekend, traffic to the video began to rise sharply. Just as shown in the below picture of the statistics of the video:
Facebook song video statistics
Madelaine's manager and close friend Sam Helyard, who is also 16 years old, told us that Madelaine was "hysterical with excitement" about her song getting viral on the Internet.

According to Sam, below are some more information about Madelaine Zammit:

  1. Madelaine "always had a passion for singing".
  2. When she's bored she just writes music. She has five other songs.
  3. She hadn't done any "proper (music) gigs yet" but hoped to do one soon.

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