Thursday, June 9, 2011

YouTube Journalists Memorial Channel Launched to Remember Journalists Died of Work

YouTube Journalists Memorial Channel
Every morning when we spread out newspapers or open news websites to read what's happening all over the world, we're reading news or events covered by journalists, whose job is to find out newsworthy things happen around us and the truth behind these things. We might have got used to reading news and seldom think of the price paid to obtain them. Sometimes journalists have to risk of being arrested or even killed when they try to cover some important events. The fact is that every year there have been journalists got killed or imprisoned on line of duty.

YouTube has been developing rapidly since it was founded. It is the biggest video sharing websites and serves video streams uploaded by people all over the world. YouTube is not only a place where you can find and share interesting short video clips, but also plays an important part in many areas, such as culture, society and Politics with its all kinds of channels.

Steve Grove, Head of YouTube News and Politics announced the official launch of Journalists Memorial Channel on YouTube. Grove made the announcement on YouTube blog yesterday. "This channel will become a digital version of the Newseum's Journalists Memorial, which is re-dedicated annually to honor journalists worldwide who have died during the preceding year. This year, 77 names are being added to the list of the more than 2,000 journalists who have been recognized for their sacrifices since 1837", as Grove said in the post.

Check this if you want to download the video above.

Grove also ask volunteers to find out and submit videos about journalists taking big risk doing their work to the channel, which currently has totally 11,192 views. By this way, the channel can collect more videos about fallen journalists and pay more tribute to them.

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