Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rebecca Black's Friday Music Video Removed from YouTube

Rebecca Black
It's Thursday today and tomorrow will be Friday. But this Friday we might not able to see Rebecca Black's viral music video "Friday", as the YouTube sensation was removed from the site a few hours ago. From now on, we might not be able to hear Black singing "fun, fun, fun, fun" bringing us the happy Friday on the site. What a shame!

Previously, Rebecca Black's Friday official music video was here: But now you open the page and get the message on the YouTube video player "'Rebecca Black – Fri…' This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Rebecca Black. Sorry about that."

Rebecca Black's "Friday" music video has drawn over 167 million views before its removal from YouTube. (how to download) The 14-year-old singer just signed a copyright claim and then the video was gone. This video's removal is due to the dispute between Black's family and Ark Music Factory that who own the copyright to the video. Earlier this week, ARK Music Factory, who produced the video and ran the YouTube account that hosted the video, set the video up as a $2.99 YouTube rental. Black's family got angry about this and submitted a takedown notice of the video to YouTube. After that, the video disappeared from YouTube.

According to Wikipedia:
The ownership of "Friday" is unclear. In a March 29, 2011 letter from Kelly's (Black's mother) lawyer to Ark Music, she alleged that Ark Music failed to fulfill the terms of their November 2010 agreement by not giving her the song and video's master recordings; falsely claimed Black as exclusively signed to the label; and exploited the song without permission by, for example, selling a "Friday" ringtone. While Wilson stated that Kelly "will get the masters and the song. They can have it all" and agreed that Black was not exclusive to Ark, his attorney claimed that Ark owns the copyright for the song and the November agreement is invalid.

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