Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cheer Up for the Weekend and YouTube's New Features: HD Preview Image and Logoless Player

YouTube newsHurrah! Weekend has arrived! Do you have a happy ending of the week? It seems that YouTube finds a perfect way to end this week. YouTube again makes some significant moves today. The video hosting giant announced on its official blog that it just launched two new features: HD preview image and logoless option for its video player. From now on, the preview image on YouTube will showcase in higher quality and the video player will appear without YouTube's logo.

HD preview image:
First of all, what is a HD preview image? It's the image that covers the YouTube player before you press the big play button. You know, video quality is just getting better and better on YouTube; but most preview images are still shown in low quality. To make the preview image keep up with your HD videos, new videos higher than 480p uploaded to the site will get their preview images shown in high-definition quality. Old videos will also apply this new feature in a few weeks.

Player with logoless option:
Serious video publishers might not want YouTube's logo appear on their videos, as views of the YouTube branded videos will be redirected to YouTube site once they click on the YouTube logo, which decreases the traffic to the video publishers' sites.

Many of video publishers have been complaining about YouTube's logo on their own videos. As a result of this, YouTube begins to offer logoless option for its player. From now on, if you don't want YouTube's logo appears on their video player, just add code ?modestbranding=1 at the end of the video URL in your embed code.

Have a nice weekend! See you next week!

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