Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Features of PS 4, the So-called the Most Powerful Game Console

Undoubtedly, for gamers, now the main streams of game consoles are Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii. And it seems that Xbox 360 stays ahead of the game all the time. But balance may be broken out with the official announcement of Sony PlayStation 4, which will be released in November, 2013 . So, what sharp and new features will PS 4 show to us? Let’s just take a look at the new features of PS 4.

Competitive Hardware
Equipped with an X86 CPU, 8GB of unified memory, traditional hard-drive storage, and an enhanced PC-style GPU, PS4 has a "supercharged PC architecture". The hardware configurations really can be the excitement, which means the faster game experience and the more vivid and unprecedented image quality just like the real film.

Dual Shock 4 of PS 4
Besides, a new controller called the Dual Shock 4 appears along with the PS 4.Like rumors said, the Dual Shock 4 comes with a small touch screen, a headphone jack, and a share button, a light-up bar that works with the 3D stereo camera bar for motion controls.

Social Entertainment
The new interface is similar as Facebook, offering the serious "real names" friend-making gaming network to communicate. And players can upload the video clips of their own gameplay or screenshots via “Share Menu “ or spectate and chat during other people’s games.Besides, players can also get the situation of the network on mobile device.
Real Names game network by PS 4

Integration with smartphones and tablets
PS4 is promised to work on smartphones, tablets, and the Vita as well with UUSTREAM feature and the clean-looking social browser was shown on various devices, including streaming video of gameplay.

Gaikai cloud technology
Gaikai cloud technology will offer you the "fastest gaming network" and when someone buys the online game, the related friend will be noticed at once. And then the trial-based way of playing games before buying can be available. The technology can also be able to continually one-button broadcast your game progress.

Remote play
Users will be able to remotely play their games via the PS Vita, similar as what the Nintendo Wii U enables on the GamePad, but in this case, you can experience the game with a fully independent handheld device.

Cloud service
The PlayStation cloud service will enable players to call up any PlayStation game, from past to present, immediately. PlayStation game, from past to present, immediately.

Playing While Downloading
Players will be allowed to play the downloaded portion of a game, even if the entire game is not finished downloading. One funny thing is when you push the power button to stop the game and let the console go into sleep, the system will automatically save your game progress so that you can continue the game next time.

The PS 4 is promised to be the most powerful device and it focuses the streaming game experience and social entertainment, aims to the home gaming market. It seems that you can get the excitement of the features, but the reality is wait to confirm.

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