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Top 5 Cross-Platform Games for Android and iOS Phones and Tablets of 2012

Obviously, games are the best way to get rid of the boring time. And we can benefit from the great display of our mobile devices, whether iOS or Android, whether smartphones or tablets. In 2012, there are no doubt many captivating games either pushed the envelope with state-of-the-art graphics and rich narratives or perfected already proven formulas for touch-based devices. So, let’s just have a look at the top 5 games including both the free download games and the paid ones in 2012 in the following.

Top 1:Angry Birds Star Wars (iPhone, iPod touch $0.99, iPad $2.99, Android smartphones free, Android tablets $2.99)

Angry Birds Star Wars
If you have played the other versions of Angry Birds, this latest version Angry Birds Star Wars is one that you cannot miss.You will feel that the star wars has never so good with re-dressed old birds and the Lightsaber ability that allows you to slice up Pigtroopers and obstacles and deflect blaster fire.This is a must-have game for your iOS or Android device, and it worths your downloading.

Top 2:Dead Trigger(iOS/Android Free)
Dead Trigger
A free blood-stained, high-intensity shooter? Of course it refers to Dead Trigger.It updates quickily and offers you stunning graphics.You can easily be attracted by its lighting and post-process effects, gameplay, level of details with full 3D characters and environments, and general storyline.Besides, you can enjoy the high quality 3D audio and a lively music soundtrack in the game. In some degree, it can compete with the Xbox games.

Top 3:Horn(iOS/Android $6.99)
Although scored only 2.7 at Google Play presently,Horn is still the best game of 2012 because it combines an imaginative narrative with top-of-the-line graphics, proving that mobile games with endearing stories can be beautiful despite the limitations of iOS devices.If you want the awesome experience,it requires your device to come with at least Tegra 3 like Nexus 7.The game focuses on the character Horn which is a young blacksmith’s apprentice, and he must defeat giant monsters who are villagers transformed by a horrible curse.The price is not cheap, but you will find it worth the cost.

Top 4:CONTRACT KILLER 2(iOS/Android Free)
Dream of being assassins? CONTRACT KILLER 2 can make your dream come true to act as the ultimate Contract Killer Jack Griffin.You will experience an intense, international storyline combining long-range kill shots and close-range melee attacks.Great weapons and enviroments,cover-based mechanics and melee attacks are all the attractions.And to survive in this line of work, you have to sneak your way in and shoot your way out to earn titles, badges, and big rewards.The game is free to play, and it offers your some paid extra items.

Top 5: ETERNITY WARRIORS 2(iOS/Android Free)
If you are someone who is diappointed by the original Eternity Warriors, then ETERNITY WARRIORS 2 can change your impression. Not only does the game run much smoother than its predecessor, but a plethora of unique dungeons, higher volume of enemies and online multiplayer helped tick all the right boxes, making the games more attractive.It worths your attention.

Of course,there are many other funny and challenging games for the mobile device,and I am glad if you can leave your opinion.

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  2. Angry bird Star wars has got to be up there as one of my favourite games!

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