Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Holiday Fun: Top 10 Best iOS Games for Kids

There are many appealing games for iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc.), which have attracted a lot of adults and kids. Maybe your kids are still young, but there are also iOS games prepared for kids. So there are a list of the best iOS games for kids below:

The main character of the game is tasked with collecting objects called Starites to get to the next level. When the character needs an object, like a ladder, to complete a task, the player can summon the object by writing the word on the screen. The game helps kids learn to be creative and work on their spelling.

Tap a Sneezie, watch it pop, and then start to pop other Sneezies. That's the gist of the game, and, for whatever reason, it's really addictive. There are multiple game modes, including a free play version.

In this colorful game you can pinch peeps into each other, and flick evil peeps away. It's simple to understand, but very entertaining. The game is universal, but plays in portrait mode on the iPhone for easy one-handed play, and in landscape mode on the iPad.

Who doesn't want to build their own robot? In this game, that's exactly what you get to do. Each player builds one from scraps, then flies it around in short levels to collect stars. This game is meant for kids, but the adults might enjoy it, too.

Kids will adore Swampy the alligator. He's a sweet-looking thing that needs help collecting water for his tub. Players can also collect other items, like duckies for Swampy to play with. It may not be easy for really young kids, but older ones will learn a lot about physics and fluid dynamics.

It's a simple point-and-tap adventure where Finn and Jake team up to stop the evil Ice King. Fans of the Cartoon Network show will love this game, not just because it features many fan-favorite characters, but because it also features the actual voices for characters Finn, Jake, and the Ice King.

This edutainment game teaches kids two things: One, it teaches them about the various countries. Two, it teaches them how to stack the countries up in such a way that they reach a checkered line and move to the next level. In the process of stacking countries, kids learn all kinds of interesting geography facts sure to make any parent happy.

Minecraft challenges kids to be creative. A child uses cubes to build anything he or she can imagine. But beware. At night, monsters come out. The key is to survive those so build with that in mind!

In this uber-cute game, kids must help Freddi Fish and his friends catch the culprit who took the Great Conch Shell. This means exploring various parts of the sea, and finding clever ways to help the quest along and discover who's behind the theft.

In these appisodes kids get to join Mickey in his adventures, talk to Mickey, and help out the denizens of the Mickey universe through various story-related activities. What's not to love about that!

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