Thursday, July 12, 2012

CNET and Leawo Software Unitedly Debut Mac Blu-ray Creator Right Now

Good tidings from CNET and Leawo Software: Blu-ray Creator for Mac which is the most powerful video to BD/DVD making software is now available on CNET at first. Video lovers can get access to Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac CNET initial release, and gain the capacity to burn video to customized BD/DVD disc.

Let's take a look at what you can do with this Mac Blu-ray Creator in the
1. Burn all video formats to DVD disc
The new product will function as a Mac DVD Creator so as to let users create DVD disc/folder and ISO image files.

2. Burn all media files to Blu-ray disc
It endows users with ability to burn video to Blu-ray disc/folder and ISO image, with fast creation speed and high-quality output.

3. Various video editing features applied to output
Multiple video editing features covering Trimming, Cropping, Rotating, Effecting and Watermarking are available.

4. Add 3D effect to DVD and BD video
Flexible 3D setting modes containing Red/Cyan, Red/Green, Red/Blue, Blue/Yellow and Interleaved are accessible for users to do 2D video to 3D DVD/BD conversion. 3D Depth effect is adjustable.

5. Real-time menu preview and video preview
DVD/BD menu preview allows users to get menu effect instantly, and video preview function during video/3D video setting process enables users to obtain the specific DVD/BD video effects.

6. Design menu with multiple effects
DVD and Bu-ray menu customizations are allowed for the sake of getting output with unique menu theme, background, caption, button and more advanced features. All menu elements will be marked with personalized features.

OK, you might have collected a large amount of vdieos and want to backup them in the form if disc, then you can burn them to DVD or Blu-ray disc with the help of this above mentioned software.

Free download Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac and enjoy the process in DVD and Blu-ray disc making.

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