Tuesday, July 10, 2012

iPad Mini: Look Like A Larger 3G iPod Nano and A Thinner 4G iPod Touch

When you are surfing on the internet you will immediately notice that there are news everywhere about the appearance, the specs as well as the release date of the small model iPad—iPad Mini. They are dropping left and right, at we can never tell which are right and which are wrong. But at least, a few of them are going on the target.

The so-called iPad Mini will be thinner than the Amazon Kindle Fire and it may be as thin as an iPod Touch 4G. So the smaller iPad will be at 7.2mm, nearly 25% thinner than the new iPad. It is reported that the iPad Mini screen measures 7.85 inches. It might looks like a large iPod Nano rather than a small iPad.

According to some reports, the prototype for the rumored iPad Mini looks like a third generation large iPod Nano which indicates that the device likely employs tapered sizes although perhaps in a different fashion. The iPad Mini is with different design and capacities, which means that this will absolutely help Apple sell iPad Mini, with no negative impact on the full size iPad sales. It's within reason that the iPad mini will not use a Retina screen and use smaller storage options — maybe just 8GB. That said, expect Apple to use the dual-core A5X SoC to give the iPad mini as much computing horsepower as possible.

It is reported that Foxconn will start making the device in Brazil this September with the announcement and release coming prior to the holidays.

Conclude all the news and rumors these days and in the past, we strongly believe that the iPad Mini is on the way indeed. So let's wait and see what a surprise Apple will bring to us in the near future.

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