Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Prototype Quadrotor with Machine Gun Video Free Download—to See What You Can Get

Maybe you have seen many quadrotors who are those drone-style helicopters, flying in pretty elaborate formations which could almost be considered creepy, as of late. But soon you will see another different quadrotor.

The creator of the FPS Russia YouTube channel has a new video that has gone viral with more than 1 million hits showcasing a quadrotor showing off new and awesome guns/weapons every couple weeks. FPSRussia mentions that this technology may not be available for 10-15 years. He also supposes that this could be seen in an upcoming Call of Duty game hinting that the next game may be set in the future about 15 years.

Watch Prototype Quadrotor with Machine Gun Video below:

For your options, you can achieve Prototype Quadrotor with Machine Gun Video Free Download (the guide is set for reference, if you do not need to download the video, just skip it) and send this video to your friends who are interested in this.

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