Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lost Planet 3 First Trailer Free Download—A Return to Extreme Conditions

A new trailer was announced for popular game Lost Planet, putting the hero into an extreme weather condition, fighting with giant monsters. Lost Planet 3 First Trailer Free Download with this to get a first look on this game trailer. This game is developed by Spark Unlimited which is bound to make a debut in 2013 and it is suitable for platforms including PS3 and Xbox360.

The new trailer for Lost Planet 3 with extreme and unpredictable conditions shows a day in the life of Manly Beard Man (Jim), a man with a beard who doesn’t sit down for breakfast, without having first climbed into a giant robot that suits to fight an ice crab.

Lost Planet 3 will deliver a diverse range of gameplay including on-foot battles and intense first person action. With a number of multiplayer modes and a compelling single player experience, Lost Planet 3 will delve deeper into the Lost Planet universe, uncovering hidden truths within the unique and dynamic environment of E.D.N. III.

Watch Lost Planet 3 First Trailer below:

Another game trailer:

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