Monday, February 27, 2012

"Enough is enough, YouTube. Together we're strong." –Voices Against YouTube

Honestly speaking, I am a YouTube fan. And everyday I indulge in the enjoyment those fanatic YouTube video bring to me, so I have never thought about question what brings the fame to YouTube and what brings the profit to YouTube. And this video "Enough is enough, YouTube. Together we're strong." makes me lost in thought. You can download "Enough is enough, YouTube. Together we're strong." video and see whether you will learn something from it.

In the following, here are words straight from the video. See what they are saying and what they are complaining about.

I hope you guys can smell Boris' pain... read further down for all bugs, and how to help out. Do you guys remember when YouTube were community based? Not VEVO, not the big dogs, not the guys with lots of money, but everybody that wanted to share something?

Well here is the things me and Boris do not like:

1) Channel design

We have no unique thing anymore. So little customizable stuff in this ugly ass new shitty channel.

You get thrown to watch page to cash most out of you (there are more ads on the watch page), and it support those UGLY ASS reply whores. Because you know, they are following "comunti gaidlinains and we give 'em pooblicity". Fucking fix it the related videos thing too.

Here are some of the threads that address this issue:

2) Site design

No need to say more. It is horrible. "From YouTube" are shitty&paid videos. Yes.

3) Weird characters in suggestions

Such as "'" and stuff like that.

4) Upon registration you get forced (almost) to subscribe to big dogs

Since the moment you register they give you the "channels you might like" bullshit. They force down RWJ, sxephil, and the big dogs down your throat right away.

5) Analytics updates as fast as a little turtle going backwards

If you own a YouTube channel with videos on it, you know what I am talking about. The old insight was slightly faster. Yet again, they changed it with no survey, and it is horrible. Fix it at least for god's sake.

6) Comments that are "new" are actually 2 hours old.

There are a LOT of other things that is totally wrong with this site. Just look around, shouldn't be too hard to find something not listed here.
If you DO genuinely want the old YouTube back, no need to join Zippcast and all those other sites that are being advertised. Just join our livestream army on the 26th of February and we will do something about it - all of us - together!

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  1. Wow, the game has changed with the announcement that Adobe is no longer supporting development for FLASH for mobile devices or TV…it is focusing on youtube html5 player and Adobe AIR apps instead….the news got around the game development community quickly. I think the market penetration of mobile devices like the iPad, iPhone, and iTouch from Apple being a merket leader who doesn’t support FLASH made a true impression on developers whose clients pages were losing views by this audience. Comsider Apple’s leadership history introducing CD ROM’s fiirst in computers, dropping the beige look of computers, introucing the iMAc, iTunes, Quicktime, and Jobs support of Blu Ray at Disney helped set standards in many industries…