Thursday, February 9, 2012

Download Jay-Z & Kanye West's "N----s in Paris" Video from "Watch the Throne" Tour

What could be better than Jay-Z and Kanye West performing together on the “Watch the Throne” tour?

The Throne's "N---as in Paris" has been getting the people going since Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch the Throne dropped last August, and on Thursday (February 9), the dynamic rap duo breathed new life into their inescapable hit. The "Paris" video, which was released Thursday, compiles tour footage and features live audio that replaces the original recorded version fans are already familiar with. The idea is to bring the Watch the Throne Tour to fans who didn't get to make it out to the legendary run or those who simply want to relive it all over again.

For those familiar with Watch the Throne's third track, the changes are noticeable from the get-go. The video's sound bed begins with Jay-Z addressing a stadium filled with fans. "Y'all ready to leave?" he asks. "Well 'Ye not ready to leave." "Any Jay's not ready to leave," Kanye adds. "It's only one thing left to do. Again!"

There is absolutely no replacing the original "N---as in Paris," and it isn't likely that the video version of the hit record will make a dent in many DJs' playlists. Still, the new "Paris" keeps things fresh and enhances the video-watching experience.

This song gains some thematic weight from the very real history of African Americans in Paris and the rest of France, dating back to the early nineteenth century. Paris has historically been a place where black artists could go to get the appreciation denied them in their homeland, and escape vicious racism. Get more Jay-Z & Kanye West's "N----s in Paris" Video information from here. And if you have the demand to download Jay-Z & Kanye West's "N----s in Paris" Video, you can also see how to download online video guide for reference.

Enjoy Jay-Z & Kanye West Paris fresh video below:

Jay-Z &amp & Kanye West Paris Lyrics

[Intro: Blades of Glory sample]
We're going to skate to one song, one song only

[Verse 1: Jay-Z]
So I ball so hard mothafuckas wanna fine me, first niggas gotta find me
What's 50 grand to a mothafucka like me, can you please remind me
(Ball so hard) This shit crazy, y'all don't know that don't shit faze me
The Nets could go 0 for 82 and I'd look at you like this shit gravy
(Ball so hard) This shit weird, we ain't even spose to be here
(Ball so hard) Since we here, it's only right that we'd be fair
Psycho: I'm liable to go Michael, take your pick
Jackson, Tyson, Jordan, Game 6
(Ball so hard) Got a broken clock, Rolleys that don't tick tock
Audemars that's losing time, hidden behind all these big rocks
(Ball so hard) I'm shocked too, I'm supposed to be locked up too
If you escaped what I've escaped, you'd be in Paris getting fucked up too
(Ball so hard) Let’s get faded, Le Meurice for like 6 days
Gold bottles, scold models, spillin’ Ace on my sick J’s
(Ball so hard) Bitch, behave, just might let you meet 'Ye
Chi town's D. Rose, I’m moving the Nets to BK

Ball so hard mothafuckas want to fine me
(That shit cray, that shit cray, that shit cray)

[Verse 2: Kanye]
She said, 'Ye can we get married at the mall
I said, "Look, you need to crawl 'fore you ball
Come and meet me in the bathroom stall
And show me why you deserve to have it all
That shit cray, ain’t it Jay
What she order, fish filet
Your whip so cold
This old thing
Act like you’ll ever be around mothafuckas like this again
Bougie girl, grab her hand, fuck that bitch she don’t wanna dance
Excuse my French but I’m in France, I’m just sayin'
Prince Williams ain’t do it right if you ask me
Cause I was him, I would have married Kate and Ashley
What’s Gucci, my nigga
What’s Louis, my killa
What’s drugs, my dealer
What’s that jacket, Margiela
Doctors say I’m the illest, cause I’m suffering from realness
Got my niggas in Paris and they going gorillas, huh

I don't even know what that means
No one knows what it means, but it's provocative
No it's not, it's gross
Gets the people goin'


[Verse 3: Kanye]
You are now watching the throne, don't let me get in my zone
Don't let me get in my zone, don't let me get in my zone
These other niggas is lyin, actin’ like the summer ain’t mine
(I got that hot bitch in my home) You know how many hot bitches I own
Don't let me get in my zone, don't let me get in my zone
Don't let me get in my zone, don't let me get in my zone
The stars is in the building, they hands is to the ceiling
I know I’m 'bout to kill it, how you know? I got that feeling
You are now watching the throne, don't let me into my zone
Don't let me into my zone (I’m definitely in my zone)

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