Friday, October 8, 2010

YouTube Rentals Beta - How to Become a YouTube Partner (Part Two)

How to Become a YouTube Partner (Part One) - Benefits of YouTube Partner

The YouTube Rentals Beta I'm going to introduce is a pay-to-view model on YouTube. It provides content owners a new way to generate revenue from their home-made videos on the site. YouTube Rentals allows partners the flexibility to benefit from a variety of videos, complete control over their video content and pioneering use of the world's largest online video community.

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Currently, the YouTube Rentals Beta service is available only to the content owners in the US.

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Create the best rental experience

From the YouTube Rentals service, partners can get unprecedented flexibility and control over monetization, marketing, and distribution for online video.

  • Full control of your rights, dissemination of time, rental prices and lease.
  • You can choose to provide some content via the ad-supported model or make some free content for promotional purposes, to maximize your control over profit, marketing and distribution strategies.
  • Try using different prices, service time and the lease to improve the attractiveness of a specific video.
  • You can grow your audience on YouTube, learn what they like to watch, and tailor your content offering by tracking view trends.

Expand your audience and profit

If you are a YouTube partner, you will be able to benefit from this new revenue opportunities, and expand your influence via the world's largest online video community.

  • Learn a new way to distribute and earn profit from your online content. Create a new revenue stream by making video archived, offline video, or new videos available for rent online.
  • To communicate directly with your audience, announce new uploaded content or offline published content.
  • Exposure to a large audience. YouTube is the largest online video site and the third largest site in the world. (comScore,2009)

If you are already a YouTube partner and still have a question, you can go to the
YouTube Rental Support page.

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