Monday, January 21, 2013

How to Save and Dispose of Your Cell Phone Battery?

One phone, one battery with limited life. Whether you are planning to maximize your phone’s battery life, or just want to discard your old phone battery, you should know the best way to deal with phone battery to keep the environment safe. Following are the tips for you.

Save phone battery
Keep the mobile phone and battery at room temperature
When the phone is free, keep it at room temperature, about 72 degrees. If the phone is in high temperature for a long time, the battery will be premature discarded. If you have the spare battery, just put it in a cool dry place such as basement or drawer, but note that the hot car or other hot place cannot be the place.

Extend the battery life
Whether you use iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S3 or other high-end phones, or you just use the cheap contract phone, or other phones, learning the way to increase the battery life is essential. Charge the phone only when you get “battery critical” and keep the battery goes to 100% in every time charging. When you are in an area with poor or no signal, pull off the phone as it waste much energy when the phone search for a signal. Besides, don’t put your phone into the bottom of a bag, which will lead to hard to search the signal so that it wastes the power of the battery.

Turn off the phone
At night, in cinema, in music hall, in class…If you don’t need the phone at the moment, you can keep the phone off temporarily to save the battery. Of course, this may effects your use if you have only one phone, but if no need, you can do it. Remember, keep the phone off means completely turn off the phone rather than keep it in other modes.

Switch the vibrate function off on your phone
When you tap the option,have you got the sound notification or the vibration? This will waste the battery power. If you have open the vibrate function and sound notification, they will finally affect your battery life with wasting too much electricity power. The same go with the apps. If you don’t need to use the app, just let they offline. When you keep doing this, you will find your battery can last more time and the battery life will be longer, too.

Turn off the wireless and Bluetooth and GPS when not needed
Undoubtedly the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth make the file transferring convenient, but you don’t always need the connection unless you use the phone for business. When not needed, just shut off the functions to save the phone power.

Sell the old battery online
You have got a new phone, but that doesn’t mean your old phone is useless, many people just want the old one for the cheap price. So you can dispose of the phone or the battery or other accessories by selling them online. The typical website you can do it is eBay. If you don’t want to look for the buyer in person, then you can sell your phone to the phone company.

More 3G, less 4G
Indeed, 4G brings the amazing fast network to us and plenty of people love it. But it will drain your battery very quickly.If you use 3G, the battery can last more time. And the GSM will save your more battery power.

Take the old battery to Local Solid Waste Department
If your old battery is destroyed, don’t throw the battery in garbage basket. Because the battery will finally pollute the water and the surrounding .Just connect the Local Solid Waste Department to deal with the old battery.

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