Friday, December 28, 2012

Best 5 Short Flash Animation Movies

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When Flash is popular in the Internet, you can find flash video everywhere such as YouTube,NBC and many other websites. Also, you may have watched many flash short movies which is very funny, following I will introduce 5 best flash animation movies.

Always, Only, Ever
How do you create a believable character from nothing? Barbara Benas’ student film, Always Only Ever, just does an amazing job of that. The story is about that a rough yet emotionally soft cowboy, who is surrounded by a selfish world, is searching for a bit of kindness. The plot just gives us something that it’s almost more human than we are.

Rumble Seat
Rumble Seat is the featuring music video which features a man takes a ride through the afterlife with four rockabilly musicians.You are probably moved by the captures that Easy Rider love for the road and the wild adventures.When Many people talk about death being the final destination, but these guys are true drifters even in death.This video is made by Mike Roberts.

Keith Reynolds Can’t Make It Tonight
Reynolds Can’t Make It Tonight is a simple animated short from student filmmaker, Felix Massie.The story describes Keith—a regular guy with lame job and a crush on the girl in the office.Though it is simple, you can feel it meaningful.

Tim Minchin’s STORM
As a flash film, Tim Minchin’s STORM is dreadfully funny although it is up to 10 min length.The story is about Tim Minchin's poem of an evening dinner conversation about spirituality and the age-old battle between spirituality and science.Due to Minchin’s clever wordplay and acerbic wit,you will find it a lot of fun.

Get Your War On
With the ashes of the 9/11 attacks, Get Your War On began as an online comic strip that soon gained cult status in discussion forums.Mixed of popular politics and comedy delivered in a brash conversational style,the film displays the characters getting caught up in their own words, setting the tone for the rest of the series.From this film, you can get the real feeling as the sharacter.

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