Sunday, September 26, 2010

YouTube will launch its paid movie service at the end of the year

Sources say that Google's video site YouTube is being in talks for worldwide paid movie service with all major Hollywood studios. Movies would cost $5 to rent and would be available at the same time as on Blu-ray, DVD and Internet services. YouTube is going to lauch this service at the end of this year, which will compete with Apple's digital movie and TV distribution service.

Given the fact that Google is the the most widely used search engine in the world, and YouTube's traffic is much more than other competitors, major Hollywood studios tend to cooperate with YouTube. Google search and YouTube is widely used all over the world. Its total user amount has been more than any wired or satalite TV provider. It will be 'a huge number' of customers, which has been promising in Google's talk.

Sources say that Google will take advantage of its search and video technique to promote this service. It would launch in the US first, but it would eventually spread to other countries.

This paid movie service makes Hollywood feel excited, because Hollywood is looking for new income to replace the traditional DVD movie selling point. Before this, YouTube also announced that they have been testing rental movie service since January this year.

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