Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Google Instant Brief Guide

Google Instant is a new search way that is just announced Today by Google. While you are inputting keywords in Google Search before pressing Enter, Google Search will instantly list the web pages relevant to the keywords you have just inputted, so you are very likely to get your search result from the list before you have entered all your keywords.

Google Instant

The ABCs of Google Instant:

Am I be able to use Google Instant?

Currently, there are some limitation to Google Instant:
1. Logging in your Google account is a must.
2. You IP address is in United States, Britain, French, Italy, Germany, Spain, Russia
3. You web browser is one of the following: Chrome v5/6, Firefox v3, Safari v5 for Mac or Internet Explorer v8

How to disable Google Instant?

Google offers two ways to disable this Instant search.
The first way – There is a 'Instant is on' drop-down list on the right side of the the search box, expand this drop-download list and choose 'Off' to disable the Instant search feature.

Disable Google Instant 1

The second way – At the bottom of the 'Search Settings' panel, there is an option for Google Instant, here you can turn it on or off.

Google Instant 2

How does Google Seach work?

Google Instant will list local relevant pages according to your location. Suppose you are in Washington State, when you input 'hotel' in the Google search box, you can see local hotel web pages listed below the search box, so you don't need to add 'Washington State' to your search words.(Just as the picture shown below, the second result page is a Seattle hotel)

Google Instant customized search

Google Instant is customized search. If you have visited the Seattle Hotel Manaco website several times before, the Instant search will list this website at the top in the result pages. Google also have confirmed that they will customized your search according to your search history.

If your search words are in the range of Google's blacklist, adult, hatred, etc., Google Instant won't work, and you have to input all your keywords and press Enter to get your result.

How does Google Instant impact SEO?

Google confirmed that there will be no change in rankings in Instant search. However, Google Instant will definitely drop visitors that rely on long keyword phrases. For example: If I rely on traffic that searches for key phrase "Used Lamps Indiana", users will see many other sites offering used lamps before the user is done typing the whole phrase. As they type, they will see sites that rank high for "Used Lamps" before they finish adding on the "indiana" to the phrase. Therefore, the webmaster that relied on more refined search phrases, loses customers.

I think that what Google Instant will do is to force webmasters to shorten keyword phrases.

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