Friday, August 19, 2011

YouTube Adds Google+ Viewing Party Feature to Enhance YouTube Video Sharing

If you have encountered an awesome YouTube video how do you share it with your friends? Recently Google does something amazing to make this achievable easier.

Google had stirred a heat on the Internet by releasing Google+. It is common to see that Google+ feature is added to another Google product. To gain more from Google+, web giant has integrated its social network even more closely with YouTube. And now the idea focuses on YouTube video sharing: YouTube adds Google+ viewing party feature to enhance YouTube video sharing. A button has been attached to video pages on YouTube by Google which allowing Google+ users to begin a Hangout video conference with their friends while watching a YouTube video.

This function added by Google enables Google+ users to watch YouTube videos with friends. When users are watching something rather stunning they may have the desire to share the video with friends. So by clicking this button, Google+ users can launch a Hangout video conference from YouTube. Once the users click on "Start a Google+ Hangout", there will be a new pop-up windows from you can have the chance to add friends from Google+ circles to the viewing party. So users from all over the world can watch the video together. And there are other options for users' convenience: embedding the video, emailing the video, sharing video link on FaceBook and Twitter.

Google+ debut has made YouTube videos shared more and more in Hangouts. And now with the features added to YouTube site, Google is equipped with more powerful approach to compete with FaceBook who has began offering its own video chat service.

YouTube videos are so great and sharing with friends will be necessary. Another question also receives great concern, how to download YouTube video? As a matter of fact, YouTube video can be downloaded easily via Free YouTube Downloader (Mac users can resort to YouTube Downloader for Mac).

In the following, there are some hot YouTube videos recently, you can share it with your friends and download them with YouTube Downloader.

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