Thursday, August 4, 2011

Download Justin Bieber Cone-Ing Prank YouTube Video and AKli Stevens Con-Ing is the New Planking YouTube Video

In summer 2011, a new word might be collected into your dictionary which will cool down this hot summer. "Planking" is over and it all about "Cone-Ing" now. May be you are not so familiar with Con-Ing so there are some interpretations on Urban Dictionary, you can refer to the following explanations for a reference:

Interpretation1. Cone-ing
Cone-ing is when a person orders an ice-cream cone at a drive-thru and when the order is ready accepting the cone from the ice cream end instead of the cone. This will here hereby confuse the drive-thru attendant.
Interpretation2. Cone-ing
The act of grabbing with one's bare hand the ice cream from an ice cream cone. Consummation or creative application of the said ice cream normally ensues, with or without the cone intact. Credit is given to Australian man Alki Stevens for spawning this new fun, popular activity.
Interpretation3. Cone-ing
1. grabbing an ice-cream cone by the ice-cream instead of the cone.
2. any act involving an ice-cream cone to confuse or scare the person selling it to you.
Luke: Hey, let's go cone-ing, man! Film me!

To sum up, Cone-ing is a new way to receive your ice cream. This odd bit behavior has been labeled Cone-ing and it is blowing up all over the Internet. People from all over the world are filming themselves doing it and posting it on YouTube.

Justin Bieber had tried out Con-ing, the newest craze to hit the internet. And the YouTube video has received a lot of video. In the video you can see that Justine Bieber had hit up a drive-thru for a soft-serve ice scream and grabbing the proffered cone by the mound of ice cream rather than the cone. This makes me giggle and I sure it will make your day! Download Justin Bieber Cone-Ing Prank YouTube Video with Free YouTube Downloader for enjoying, here is the guide. If you are using Mac OS, feel free to turn to YouTube Downloader for Mac, and here is the guide.

What is the origin of Cone-ing planking? It should be thank to internet comedian Alki Stevens, who has been remarked as a "legend" and a "genius" on the internet. His YouTube video titled "CONE-ING IS THE NEW PLANKING!!!!" makes Con-ing a hot trend on YouTube. Download AKli Stevens Cone-Ing is the New Planking YouTube Video with Leawo YouTube Downloader (or Mac YouTube Downloader).

How to play CONE-ING?
You go to a drive-through ice cream shop, and when the server hands you your ice cream cone out the window, you grab it upside-down, by the ice cream, and start eating the cone (you must do this without cracking a smile).
Will you be cone-ing to cool down this summer? Just have a try!!! Remember do not smile when you do this.

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