Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Slow Loris with Tiny Umbrella Becomes New Favorite Internet Video

A video showing a bleary-eyed slow loris with a tiny umbrella now goes viral on YouTube and the Internet. You could use Leawo Free YouTube Downloader or Mac YouTube Downloader to download the video to your computer for sharing it with your friends.

The slow loris looks very cute in the video. Tamely sitting on a man's hand, the cute creature holds a tiny umbrella with its small 'hand' for about twenty seconds. It's the most adorable animal you may have seen these days.

However, a lot of people think that it's a sad video.

YouTube user 'elusis' commented the video that 'loris are endangered species. They are nocturnal - the light hurts their eyes. They usually have their sharpest teeth removed without anesthesia. They should not be kept as pets'.

Another YouTube user 'Deadflyte' commented that 'At all you people saying hes happy you are very ignorant, Slow loris are nocturnal and hide from the light because it hurts there eyes badly, Notice he is almost always squinting or has his eyes shut , this is animal abuse...'

Well, I agree with the above two YouTube users and hope that people should set the loris free and let them be back to the jungle and forest – their home.

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