Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How to Watch and Download Free Hollywood Movies in High Speed

Watch and download Hollywood movies for free and with high speed can never be this easier with Leawo Free Video Accelerator. You can watch hundreds of free online Hollywood movies directly in the program with the accelerated speed, more than that, you can also download those classic movies with just a click and then convert them to any popular video format you like for sharing with friends on various devices.

The detailed tutorial below shows exactly how Leawo Video Accelerator works as an ultimate solution for dealing with hot Hollywood movies.

Step 1. Launch Leawo Video Accelerator, you will be automatically directed to Hot Free Hollywood Movies webpage.
Leawo Free YouTube Downloader home page

Note: you can also visit the above URL from your browser, however, a prompt indicates you have to install Leawo Video Accelerator first will occur.
Install Leawo Free YouTube Downloader

Step 2. Select your desired Hollywood movie to watch either from the movie list labeled "Hot Movies", or from the slidable bar labeled "Recommended Free Hollywood Movies ", or simply click "More Movies" button to have access to more movie options. You can also enter the movie key words like title, director, actor, actress, etc in the searching bar to find the perfect Hollywood movie for you.
select movie to watch

"More Movies" webpage view, and please note that our movie database is constantly aggrandized, so that you will always have free access to more fresh and trendy movies.
more movie

Step 3. Play the selected movie, you will be redirected to Youku.com(one of the biggest and world-famous video sharing websites), where all these free Hollywood movies are originated from . Unfortunately, because of region-control, some places do not have access to this site if you visit it directly in browser.
play movie

However, things are different if Leawo Video Accelerator is adopted. Just after several seconds ' workout, it succeeds and guarantees a region-free access to Youku.com with accelerated speed no matter where your geographical location is!
View video

Enjoy the smooth movie playback without any freezing interruption and fast movie downloading with just a click brought by the built-in accelerator.
Watch online movie smoothly

Note: due to the version restriction, free Leawo Video Accelerator can only view the first part of the movie. Please purchase pro version to proceed to the next parts.
Pro version of Leawo YouTube Downloader

Step 4. You may notice that while the movie playback, the temporary saving is under process simultaneously. Therefore, when the progress reaches 100%, just click "Download" to save it in your PC folder. Of course, you can also convert it to any video format you want or burn it to DVD for backup on real disc.
Download and convert online movie

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