Sunday, November 14, 2010

Download Justin Bieber dies on South Park (720p) from YouTube

Justin Bieber died yesterday!!%^$$#&*

Oh, my God! Is that true? The popular 13-year-old American singer is dead?

Don't worry. It's not true, LOL. But Justin Bieber is fictionally killed by Eric Cartman in South Park in a YouTube cartoon video clip. (You can use Leawo Free YouTube Downloader to download it to your computer.)

We know that Justin Bieber is very popular on YouTube. His video song 'Baby' is the most-viewed video ever on YouTube; and the total views of all his videos on YouTube has just reached 1 billion on Tuesday.

It’s interesting to see the 'Justin Bieber Dies' fever on YouTube. Yesteray, a cartoon video 'Justin Bieber dies on South Park (720p)' was uploaded to YouTube, so far this video has received 40,470 views and 1,534 comments.

This YouTube video describes that the young singer Justin Bieber is killed on his live concert by a monster in South Park. Certainly it's just a comedy video. The video is made by Cthulhu and Eric Cartman, who are the forces to destroy the Bieber fever; and it's a response to Bieber's most popular music video 'Baby'. Up to now, 2591 people have rated this video – 2394 like it against only 197 dislike.

You can use Leawo Free YouTube Downloader to download the Justin Bieber dies on South Park (720p) video from YouTube.

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