Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Enjoy Galaxy S4 Experience on Other Android Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S4 is inarguably the most attractive smartphone in this period with the new amazing fiction-like software and powerful hardware. On the other hand, plenty of people will not get the Galaxy S4 with the high budget. Good news is there are some Android apps helping you get the new Galaxy S4 features on your existing Android phone without buying the S4.Next let’s just have a look.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Experience
Smart Stay
Smart Stay technology is firstly introduced with Galaxy S3 but carried forward by Galaxy S4.It uses the front camera to check in intervals the position of your face and it will automatically adjust the screen backlight by detecting the location of your face. On Galaxy S4, Smart Stay features the Smart Pause which can pause videos when your look is away from the screen and continue video playback when you look back the screen, and Smart Scroll which enables scrolling by tilting the phone up or down.

At the moment, there are some Android applications that can imitate this smart function such as Smart Stay, ISee You , SmartStay Ex.

Air View(or Floating Touch)
You will find the first existence about Air View on Samsung Galaxy Note.It allows you to move your S Pen over the screen to play videos or read emails, messages etc. And S4 improved the feature with more than S Pen, that means, you can also use your fingers to enjoy the Floating Touch feature. With the great feature, you can control your phone more conveniently.

For this feature, you can find a few apps to act as it like Wave Control which provides the the basic functionalities though it is not as fluent as Air View , and GMD GestureControl which makes you control device with multitouch gestures.

Sound and Shot
Maybe you haven’t noticed this great feature Sound and Shot, which will record the audio when you are clicking a picture. Amazing?

Although there aren’t many apps which can actually record audio at the same time when you click a picture, there are apps allowing you to record audio just before or after the click like PhotoSpeak and StoryMark.

S Translator
The S Translator on S4 can help you translate foreign language and even the locals by directly listening to them when you travel to other country.

For this feature, of course , we can find many, but the best one is without doubt the Google Translate App which provides you with translations in over 60 languages from text to speech support.

Pop-up Play
You can see the Pop-up Play feature in all of the Galaxy S series of phones including the Galaxy S4. The feature allows you to change the video screen into a pop up box and work in the background, in doing this, you can do others things without the need to stop watching a video or movie, that is to say, multi task.

The great Pop-up Play similar Android apps includes Mobo Player (Free) which supports multiple video formats and gesture controls, and Stick it!($1.79) which comes with some predefined themes like Windows 7 or Mac OSX .

With the above Android apps, you can get a very similar Galaxy S4 features to feel the fashion of Android. So, take your action and download to experience them.

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