Sunday, September 2, 2012

Serve for Android and iOS, BES 10 Will be Released along with BlackBerry 10

RIM announced recently that BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 will be launched with new BlackBerry 10 device in the first quarter next year, which will bring high security to all enterprise intelligent equipments.

There is no doubt that the core competitive power of RIM lies in the enterprise. In spite of the fact that its market share declines results from the influence of Android and iOS, it still plays quite an important role in business filed.

BES 10 will provide simpler safety protection measures to ensure the MDM operation safety.

New BES 10 works with the following devices:

1. BlackBerry 7 OS or previous version smartphone.

2. BlackBerry 10 devices.

3. BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

4. iOS and Android smartphone and tablet PC.

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