Thursday, September 13, 2012

More than iPhone 5: iPod Nano 7 & iPod Touch 5

Apple holds a big deal in Yerba Buena Theater: the official release of new generation iPhone 5, along with the new iPod Nano 7 as well as iPod Touch 5 music players.

The latest iPod Nano seems a little bit longer than the previous edition, with 2.5-inch screen, 5.4mm in thickness, 38% thinner than Nano 6. Multi-touch feature is supported, home button is included, 7 colors for options, and supports Bluetooth technology.

The newest iPod Touch 5 is with 6.1mm thickness, 88g weight, which is said to be the lightest and thinnest Touch product. New iPod Touch 5 adopts A5 dual-core processor, and the CPU performance is 2X faster than the previous generation. It is equipped with 5-million-pixel camera supporting auto focus and facial recognition function. HD Facetime and Bluetooth 4.0 technology are covered. Battery endurance ability is boosted as well: up to 40-hour music playing and 8-hour video playing. Siri is supported by the brand-new iPod Touch. There are 5 colors for users' preference: white, black, blue, yellow and red.

The price of these new products will be as follows: $49 for iPod Shuffle, $149 for iPod Nano, $199 for iPod Touch 5 16GB, and $299 for iPod Touch 5 32GB.

Apple claims that up to 350 million iPod music players have been sold so far, and up to 26 million music files are included in iTunes. The new version iTunes will be available in October.

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