Thursday, May 10, 2012

R. Kelly – It’s On (Ft. Ace Hood & DJ Khaled) New Video to Make Your Heart Boiling

R. Kelly targeted his Adult Contemporary fans with "Share My Love" but his new song, "It's On", is clearly for a younger crowd. The new song will appear on R. Kelly's "Black Panties" album later this year. And seen from the LP name, I will imagine a large number of sexy girls, and maybe this is the strategy to raise the sales. It's On Download for listening anytime anywhere is allowable here.

The video clip, which features Ace Hood and DJ Khaled is about a disturbing 45-year old man partying in a strip club. The music video is full of dim light, men, erogenous girls and pole dance. You can feel the craziness of everybody and it will surely boil your heart. Watch the video below.

R. Kelly It’s On (Ft. Ace Hood & DJ Khaled) Lyrics

And it's on, and it's on,
and it's on, and it's on,
And it's on tonight
It's about time that we met
And it's about time a love I won't forget

R. Kelly:
For so long I've waited for the chance
To be with you
And to lie with you baby
In my dreams I take you by the hand
In our house on the beach
Making love on jet black sand

Baby finally the time
Has come for us to share
The joy that we will need
And nothing can compare


Mary J.:
I waited all my life
Boy for you to come along
And make that joyful sacrifice
Two kids, a dog, and a home
Is like a dream come to life
When I look into your dazing eyes



All my life I've waited
To get next to you
You, baby you
And every night I've prayed
Your love would come my way
And finally the time
Has come for us to be lovers


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