Thursday, May 10, 2012

Justin Bieber Turn To You (Mother's Day Song) Full Audio Stream to Honor Mom

Justin has won the heart of many young girls, and now with the upcoming of 2012 Mother's Day, he releases a new audio version for his new song—Turn To You, as a Mother's Day gift for honoring mom on this special day. Turn To YouDownload for a listening, you can also makeringtone from this song and send it to your dearest mother.

"You worked two jobs to keep a roof up over our heads/ You chose life for me, no you never gave up/ I admire you for the strength you instilled in me," he sings. "You were so young, you were just my age when you had me/ Mom, you were so brave, there was nothing that would stop or get in our way/ And I know you will always be there for me."

"When you're lost and you're tired/ When you're broken in two/ Let my love take you higher/ Cause I still turn to you," so he sings.

"Turn to You" is planned to be released on Friday, May 11 as a fund-raising effort that benefits single mothers. Justin tweeted: "think im gonna release #TurnToYOU for my mom this friday for mother's day weekend. the proceeds will go to help other single moms. Thanks"

Listen to Justin Bieber Turn To You Below, and wish you and your mother a happy Mother's Day 2012.

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