Sunday, March 11, 2012

Download Carrie Underwood Good Girl Video Teaser for Enjoyment

Carrie Underwood has posted a short teaser for her Good Girlvideo in advance of its Tuesday premiere. Carrie Underwood's first single off her new album, "Good Girl," is currently number one on the country iTunes singles chart, and the songstress debuts the video for the song March 12 on "Entertainment Tonight." On Tuesday, March 13, Underwood’s “Good Girl” video will be available for purchase on iTunes. Then on Wednesday, March 14 the video will be released to all digital and broadcast partners

Underwood's face is never shown in this half-minute clip. Instead, we see lots of high heels, dancing and stomping around, falling in line with the song's lyrics about putting your "goodbye shoes" on. If you're going to walk out, may as well do it in style.

Download Carrie Underwood Good Girl Video Teaser for a sneak peek and full music video version will follow, just focus on this blog and you will get the full one soon.

Watch the music teaser below:

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