Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dog Playing Piano and Singing Video Free Download: Talented Dog Makes Your Day

Musical instruments and singing the blues aren't just reserved for people in jazz bands. Some animals including out dearest pets like dogs and cats can even handle some musical instruments and sing with blue tones. Here comes with a dog making his beautiful music with the piano. Even for human being, it is not quite easy to tackle with singing and playing at the same time. This dog has some musical talent. Well, maybe not from a human standpoint, but definitely from a dog’s. Come on, he’s a dog! Dog Playing Piano and Singing Video Free Download here. Share this funny video with your friends and I am sure you will make their day with this video.

In this hilarious 48 second clip on YouTube, the Finnish dog Petu belts out quite a number while slamming his paws on the piano. Though this isn't the most cheerful of tunes, the combination of his voice and notes will make you chuckle. If you do laugh, do not hide it and let me know, LOL…

Watch Dog Playing Piano and Singing Video below:

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