Friday, September 16, 2011

New YouTube Video Editing Tool Endows Users with Function to Edit Video in Browser

YouTube had released an online video editor named YouTube Remixer in 2007, but the service based on Adobe Premiere Express is deleted quickly. Although it can help YouTube users to edit videos by filtering effect, adding subtitle and watermark, the low running speed and sundry bugs are quite torturing. And in 2010 YouTube released another online video editor called YouTube Video Editor. You can make use of the uploaded video and make it into another new video. You can also add background music to the video by choosing the music files on AudioSwap.

And now after you have uploaded video to YouTube you will surprisingly find out that there is an Edit video button, you can edit the video online by clicking on it. The video ID will not be changed, you can get real-time video editing effect so you do not have to upload the video to YouTube again. The editing tool enables rotation, stabilization, brightness, contrast and temperature controls, as well as adjustment of the start and end points. It also offers several color effects, which the YouTube team developed in collaboration with Google-owned photo editing site Picnik. Besides, you are also allowed to try out "I'm feeling lucky" function by clicking on which it will display an effect randomly.
Click the new Edit video button in the YouTube video page, you are brought with the video editing tools. Every operation is finished in simple sliders, with a quick preview right bellow. And when you click Save button, your YouTube video will save your changes. You can check the following YouTube video to get a detailed show on how to edit YouTube video within browser video editing tools.
You can also download the following video with Free YouTube Downloader (Mac users can use YouTube Downloader for Mac), to experience the video editing process.

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