Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Download YouTube Batmanning Videos: Hanging by Your Feet Goes Viral on YouTube

Not long after Cone-Ing prank, another new danger action called Batmanning is in vogue. Instead of simply lying face down in odd places, those taking part in the new version —"Batmanning"— dangle precariously by their feet. It goes viral on YouTube and the new version is already being slammed as even more perilous. One internet comment reads: "Someone is eventually going to die." Apart from the threat to life and limb we reckon daredevils also risk ending up with a headache.
The pose requires to you keep your body rigid, like planking, but with the added twist of hanging by your feet. If people were fatally injuring themselves while lying flat on the ground, it seems that hanging precariously from unstable surfaces is just asking for trouble. And it may replace planking in the make-your-own trend world, but it seems the danger may outweigh the hilarity of it. To "Batman," one hangs upside down, holding on by only one's feet from a door, bar, gate, ledge, anything. As a matter of fact, it is quite dangerous and it may kill your self if you fail.

In the following there will be some YouTube Batmanning videos. You can just download YouTube Batmanning videos and see how can they do that and whether you will have a try. Windows users can use a Free YouTube Downloader and Mac users can take YouTube Downloader for Mac.

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