Thursday, July 28, 2011

YouTube Film "Life in a Day" Streams Live on YouTube and Will be Available on Theatres Soon

YouTube Film "Life in a Day" is the collaboration made by Director Kevin Macdonald and Executive Producer Ridley Scott. The idea based on that about one year ago, YouTube users were asked to upload a video reflecting a day in their life. And during one year, people from all over the world uploaded about 80,000 videos with about 4,500 hours of footage. And the outcome "Life in a Day" runs about 90 minutes. It is remarked as a historic cinematic experiment to create a document film about a single day on earth. Collecting stories, laughter, tears from all over the world, this can be said as a representative of one-day-life of human being. People talking about love and hatred, courage and fear, betray and tolerant, etc on the videos and what they are talking about has been put into the 90-minute film.

YouTube is actually a library of human experiences, every day thousands of people upload video to YouTube. What they uploaded are about interesting pets, cute babies, talented people, weird matters, etc, which do actually enrich people online life to a large extent. Every hour, every minute, every second of individuals calling out to the world, asking to be noticed. The film switches between fast-paced montages of the mundane — eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom — and short scenes letting the viewer linger on certain lives.

Maybe unlike other great Hollywood movies, the emotional climax often rides in on a wave. These are daily life trivial matters, while seeing it will be a gorgeous experience as if seeing yourself acting in the film.

YouTube film "Life in a Day" coming to theaters

The film "Life in a Day", which is presented by YouTube and National Geographic premieres on Friday, July 29, in select theaters.

Watch the trailer here and see it in theaters starting today in the UK and next month July 29 in the U.S. Download this video via free YouTube Downloader and YouTube Downloader for Mac. Or you can convert video to other devices with video converter (here is the guide). Enjoy!!!

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