Friday, May 28, 2010

Top 10 must have software in your computer

What are your must have programs in your computer? You need the applications when you have a computer and you can die without it.

This is my top 10 list

1. Windows XP:) Of cource, this is Operationg System, you cannot run any program without it.

2. Microsoft Office. Mine is 2003. 2007 and 2010 are available on the Internet.

3. Web Browser. I use Mozilla Firefox 3.5.9 currently. Mozilla Firefox supports a lot of plugins, so it is very strong. Though IE still has the biggest market share, I don't like IE.

4. Real - time chat tool: Windows Live! Messenger

5. Leawo YouTube Downloader. It is an entertainment application, and is free. I use it to download and accelerate web videos.

6. FlashGet

7. Kaspersky Internet Security. It is the best antivirus software on the planet.

8. VLC media player. This player can open and almost all video files.

9. Adobe Reader 9.0, e-book reader. It can read PDF and other e-book files.

10. RoboForm. It can remember your account names and passwords and automatically fill login forms.

After top 10

11. War Craft 3 -->> entertainment apps :)

12. Format Factory. It can convert almost all videos and is totally free.

13. Winrar, zip and unzip files

14. Adobe Photoshop, the best photo editors

15. Foxmail, e-mail manager, write and receive e-mails.

16. gimp

17. iTunes music player

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