Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Top 10 Most-Shared Disney Pixar Videos for You

Although I am an adult now I am so proud to say that I am actually a super Pixar fan.

Summer holiday is just around the corner and the summer movie time is not far away, right? Have you prepared something special for Summer Holiday 2012? As a Pixar fan, I am looking forward to the upcoming movie. OK, I have rounded up top 10 most-viewed Disney Pixar videos for a warm-up. In the following, you will find Disney Pixar trailers, teasers and remixes that have generated major buzz on the web.

Tips for you:
For your convenience, here is a tip for you to enjoy the video on more devices: convert video to your device compatible format. For example, many online videos are in FLV format and MP4 is the most common used video format, then you can convert FLV to MP4 format. By the way, you are also able to resize video to fit for your devices.

Anyway, enjoy the video round-up below:

1. Brave Trailer
Pixar fans are particularly excited about Brave as it is the first of their films to feature a female lead. Brave is now in theaters.

2. Cars 2 Trailer 2
This is just the first of two trailers on the list that promoted Pixar's surprise hit Cars 2.

3. Disney's Monsters University Teaser
Of the four teasers released for Monsters University this week, Disney's got the most buzz. Do you think Mike's punchline is funniest in this spot?

4. Pogo's UPular Remix
Australian DJ Pogo remixed UP to create this loungy track. If you close your eyes, you could almost forget that most of the lyrics are sung by a pint-sized animated boy scout.

5. For the Birds (Pixar Short)
While some Pixar shorts fly under the radar (pardon the pun), this one snagged an Academy Award in 2001, when it aired alongside Monsters, Inc..

6. Lifted (Pixar Short)
This short hit theaters with Ratatouille in 2006.

7. iTunes' Monsters University Teaser
Finally, someone acknowledges that the monsters are naked. It's no wonder this film has yet to be rated.

8. Finding Nemo: Dory Speaks Whale
Pixar released this video as one of their favorite 30-second clips from their films.

9. Toy Story 3: Groovin' with Ken!
Witness as a poor Ken learns that he is nothing but Barbie's arm candy; belligerence ensues.

10. Cars 2 Trailer 3
Here's another trailer for the Cars sequel flick.

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