Monday, February 28, 2011

YouTube Denies Movie Rental Service in Europe

YouTube movie rental serviceIf you're a YouTube fan, you may have heard that the video site is going to launch unlimited movie rental service in Europe, first in the UK before expanding the service to the US. This move by YouTube is considered to compete with Netflix and Amazon. However, YouTube has denied the plan.

A YouTube UK's office spokeman told Paidcontent that the video giant has no plan to expand its US-based movie rental service to Europe countries at the present. "Today, YouTube is focused on building out and improving its current US-based rental offering. While we aim to always push all of our products out globally to our community, we have no plans to launch a European rentals service in the near future", he said.

YouTube has always been making efforts to expand its service content. Last week, media reported that YouTube talks with NBA and NHL to stream live sports games. The movie rental service has already been available on the site in the US since last year.

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