Thursday, June 24, 2010

My opinion about Google TV

When Google TV was announced in Google I/O on May 23, 2010, we had a lot of questions about it. Yesterday, Google posted a Google TV introduction video on its official YouTube channel. (You can use Leawo Free YouTube Downloader to download this video to your computer.) But the content of this video is rather limited. We still don't know what exactly is Google TV and what is the advantage of Google TV.

Just as Google said, "TV meets web. Web meets TV". So this means people can surf the Internet while watching TV. (For example, while I'm watching NBA, I can view what is discussing about this game on twitter) I don't know the advantage of this feature, because if I simply insert a TV card into my computer and I can do the same thing.

Maybe Google TV is just a platform to make more people be able to surf the Internet via TV. For example, some old people, they don't know how to use computer or laptop, so they cannot surf the Internet. But they know how to use TV, so they might be able to surf the Internet in case they have Google TV.

You could learn more information relevant to Google TV from this article.
Source is YouTube World.

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