Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How to Customize a Flash Video Web Player to Enhance Online Auction on website like eBay and Yahoo

With the number of online auctions growing daily, how can you improve the success of your auctions? Auction Flash Video Web Player is the answer. With the flash video player, now you can explain what the selling item is, why people will want it, demonstrate how it works, and show its authenticity on the auction. Auction video played on the platform of eBay and Yahoo greatly enhances your item listing and sales volume.

The development of the web shows that the Flash Video web player provides a way for matching video and the Internet. With the advent of the file player, Flash Video player, and with the ubiquity of Adobe Flash Player, you might expect that thousands of compelling websites are integrating video with data, content, and interactive controls to create rich experiences for peoples who visit your cyber space with the flash video web player.

With the latest Flash Video web player customizing technology to process video clips, play them on the flash video web player and create links for your use on online auctions, we are aiming to revolutionize the way auction users sell items by providing a way to merchandise their products, demonstrate how it works, and show its authenticity.

We propose that you can find ways to make yourself creative and distinguish yourself and your products. We encourage you to create a personalized "About Me" video to help build trust and connect with your auction customers, which is to deliver your message in a personal way that is powerful and different. Explained in this article is the solution for common auctioneers.

As auctioneer, you might be experienced with the application of Flash video player, or you are a newbie, Moyea Web Player (it is free) will help you create customized Flash video player for your online auction and presentation with Yahoo, eBay, etc.

We know that photos displaying in auction descriptions usually boosts sales, let alone displaying flash videos which related to your company, products, and knowledge related to the products rolling out soon is something that can just vault us to the next level of seller credibility, and this is flash video displaying on auction platform eBay and Yahoo.

Initially developed for the business men to enhance the business outstanding achievements, Moyea Web Player is empowered with the strong functionality to customize a flash video player that can be installed on any social sites to play both local or online flash video files in FLV, MP4, MOV, 3GP, 3G2, H.264 formats. Thus business presenters, web designers, instructors, etc. can obtain personalized Flash Video file in multiple formats for online auction with the program Moyea Web Player.

This article is to demonstrate to you how Moyea Web Player could help you to customize flash video files web player for posting on your own sites to play flash videos related to your company and products for auction just like auctions on the eBay, Yahoo, and other auction websites. This article is not designed as a tutorial and thus a step by step how-to is not included here. For further information and the wonders of this newly software of Web Player, please explore the member sites of Moyea Software at http://www.playerdiy.com/.

Add flash video file

There are two ways to add two different source of flash video file: add flash video file from local computer by clicking “Add video” button and add flash video file from the online via its URL by clicking “Add URL” button.

After imported flash video file into the program, we should test if the imported flash video files are supported or not, although the program has automatically tested when importing file. To test the file, just manually double-click the file to see if it can be played on the right preview. No playing means unsupported format to this web player, then use the correspondent encoder listed in the program to convert it to the supported format FLV or MP4.

Moyea Video4Web Converter: Convert video in all formats to flash video FLV and MP4 format with H.263 encoder.

Moyea DVD4Web Converter: Convert DVD to flash video FLV and MP4 file with H.264 encoder for Moyea Web Player.

Moyea SWF4Tube Converter: Convert SWF to flash video FLV and MP4 file with H.264 encoder for Moyea Web Player.

Moyea PPT4Web Converter: Convert PowerPoint to flash video FLV and MP4 file with H.264 encoder for the Web Player.

Step 2: Target settings

After imported flash video and confirmed the video file is the supported ones, it’s time to make some target settings for the flash video to play in the web. Generally, the target settings contain the following points: basic settings of caption setting and image specifying, navigation at end of end URL, style of target, and end target; navigation on click of click URL and click target.

Templates style and Player settings

To customize a flash video player, the absolutely necessarily step is player style and elements customizing.

Player style specifying: Currently, Moyea Web Player provides 11 player templates style for you to choosing as your web player style, they are: none, Common, Crystal, Gentle, Iron, Plastic, QuickTime, Simple_black, Simple 2, WMP10, and YouTube. Just click to choose or change.

player settings options: This part contains all elements settings on a player, such as easily changing the templates of web flash video player, control buttons easy to turn on and off, playing styles easily to customize, promote setting of load flash video style and mode, player size flexible changing, functional web flash video player, add external URL support (get back the traffic), advanced settings. These player style and elements settings are set depending on each specific need. Just free to check and choose to meet the specific needs.
Misc: Click “Misc” tab enables you to specify the background color for the web player.

Step 4: Publish
Once all the settings and options are completed, it’s time to publish a YouTube flash video web player for the web.

In the publish interface, if you are using Moyea Web Player Pro trail version Moyea Web Player Lite version, the “Embedded” option for Xml file is only allowed to publish. In other words, only the web player Pro version allows generating independent Xml file for playlist editing, customizing player from the generated html file, and with no quantity limit in the playlist for a single player. Just click “More Info” for more info; just click “Purchase” to purchase software.
Later, specify a publish path for saving the published files.
Click “Publish” to publish a flash video player for the web!

After customize the web player that links flash videos related to your company and products, you can upload them to any sites you can and you want to start auctions with other competitors. As to how to upload, please refer to Moyea flash video player for the web in http://www.playerdiy.com/!

No more than one month later, I can sure that the auction your products would be enhanced greatly and sales volume would be increased a lot!

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