Wednesday, July 18, 2012

All Websites and Apps—Yahoo Makes Every Effort to Report 2012 London Olympic Games

Yahoo's announcement Wednesday that reports on 2012 London Olympic Games would be extended to all its websites and applications, displaying sudden news, comments and video contents in a comprehensive way. This piece of news named "Beyond Gold" comes from Yahoo Sports, it will provides contents for 700-million users in dozens of languages.

Yahoo has observed the value of Olympic coverage without doubt, and the Games itself stresses the importance of digital media.

In the following, there will be services provided by Yahoo:

The Hub

The website has been redesigned so as to focus on 2012 London Olympics, the sudden news, headline report, daily review, picture and analysis of the exciting moment will be included. A program named "London Pick 'em" is also promoted by Yahoo, which opens competition for users all over the world.


The iPad application will provide with additional content when users are watching games via TV. It the application learns that users are watching Games, then it will automatically present the MEDALS, game schedule, photo, resume players. In addition, Twitter news and trivial life from athlete will be released simultaneously.


This is a label in sport applications, providing users with personalized content, helping users get access to information of team and athletes. And specific events, latest news as well as statistical data will be offered.

Connected TV

The service will be integrated into Yahoo Sports TV applications. The Beyond Gold in Connected TV will show news, score, medals, pictures, TV video and more.

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